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Hasty Urban Sniper

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Hasty Urban Sniper

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Course Description

Though the public image of a "sniper" is the man taking an extremely long shot and hitting his target, the real definition of a sniper is one who shoots his adversary – at distance – without being seen or captured. Distance is only relevant to not being seen or captured. In the urban setting 1,200 yards shots are highly unlikely. In the urban setting your target may be a mere 150 yards away. And he may be there for only a brief period. You need to get into your "hide", take the shot, and then become an unseen ghost, blending into your terrain and disappearing.

In Hasty Urban Sniper we will teach you how to use surprise, guile, human nature, disguises, common urban objects, red herrings, distractions, and more to take that all-important shot and disappear without being seen or captured. This ain't your mommy's sniper course. You'll need to be wearing your big boy pants for this one!

For more detailed information read the Hasty Urban Sniper synopsis.

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