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Team Tactics

Because this "force multiplier" makes 12 seem like 50!

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Team Tactics

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Course Description

Team tactics is a rifle-based course in which participants will be separated into small operational units and taught the fundamentals of "team movement and operations".

Once individual teams become skilled in movement and communication techniques, they will then operate with other teams. With sufficient attendance we hope to operate 3 or 4 teams in a single operation.

Emphasis will be on:

  • Movement while firing
  • Movement while under fire
  • Effective communication between team members
  • Effective operational coordination of multiple teams to achieve a single defined objective.

Other subjects that will be addressed include:

  • Setting ambushes using multiple teams
  • Breaking ambushes using multiple teams
  • Using the team concept in flanking
  • Using the team concept to prevent being flanked
  • Recognizing when to press the fight
  • Recognizing when a tactical retreat is necessary
  • How to cross "danger zones" as a team
  • Understanding necessary team leader admin duties And much more.

For more detailed information read the Team Tactics synopsis.

Prerequisite: Students must have attained at least Graduate in Front Sight's 4-Day Practical Rifle course, or attended an equivalent course elsewhere, or have verifiable prior experience operating in the team environment. CDG will be the sole arbiter of who is qualified to attend this course. If you are accepted into the course, and your actions on the range are not commensurate with the stated qualifications on your application, you will be removed from the course and no refund shall be provided. It is strongly advised that anyone who plans to attend Team Tactics has previously attended CDG's Armed Citizen's Tactical Medicine course.

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