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Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

We train Americans to survive violent confrontations.

The operative words in our name are "Combat" and "Dynamics".

Combat - An act of violence by which one party intends to prevail (win) by causing the other party to quit or perish.
Dynamics - The principles and forces that control any given field.

At Combat Dynamics Group we train Americans to understand and apply the necessary principles and forces that are required to prevail in a combat situation.

American civilians have a wide selection of "shooting schools" from which to choose. What is lacking is a combat school for American civilians. Combat Dynamics Group is the answer.

Learning to throw a kick or punch is not combat.Learning how to hold a knife is not combat. Learning how to shoot is not combat. Most schools teach skills without the critical context of how to apply the skills in the real world - in your home or on the street - in such a way as to dramatically optimize your odds of winning the fight and living to talk about it!

When faced with a potentially deadly attack there are no do-overs! Prevail and you get to continue living. Fail and your life may end right there, at that moment. At Combat Dynamics Group we train you to understand the dynamics you must bring to the fight - mental, physical, and moral - so that YOU will win and the other side will quit or perish.

America is a unique country. We have a unique system of Rights. As Americans we have the Unalienable Right of self-defense and the Unalienable Right of personal liberty. But, like all rights, they are of little value if we are unprepared to exercise them. Whether it is a single mother fighting for her life against an intruder at 3:00am, or a businessman fighting back against a carjacker in broad daylight, or Americans fighting to preserve their liberty at home, each deserves the very best chance of survival. The odds of survival increase dramatically when you understand the dynamics of combat. That understanding, and the ability to deliver it against your adversary, is what Combat Dynamics Group instills in its students!

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