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Long Gun: Vehicle to Vehicle, and Deploying from a Vehicle

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Long Gun

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Course Description

More and more people are keeping long guns in their vehicles. But to what end? Unless or until you're outside the vehicle and on terra firma your traditional rifle skills are of little value.

What if you have to shoot your rifle at another vehicle, while moving? There are rules to that game and unless you know them you will not be effective. What if someone fires at you while you're moving? What is the correct move? We'll discuss the options. When do you keep moving? When do you want to get your vehicle stopped? If you stop, what then?

This course will be a real eye-opener and will give you new skill sets you didn't possess previously!

For more detailed information read the "Long Gun – Vehicle to Vehicle" synopsis.

NOTE: This course is for experienced semi-automatic or select-fire rifle shooters only. CDG will be the sole arbiter of who is qualified to attend this course. Shotguns and bolt-action rifles will not be permitted.

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