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Hostage Rescue

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Course Description

We've all seen it in the movies. But that's Hollywood. It's completely different when your wife, child, husband, friend, or co-worker will lose his/her life unless you make the correct decision. Most people imagine they understand the dynamics of such a high-risk, pressure cooker, situation, but in reality they don't. What they don't know, but foolishly imagine they know, can get an innocent person killed. CDG's Hostage Rescue course is designed to prepare you to make informed, intelligent, (and in some cases, instantaneous) decisions that will save lives.

Most people who train with firearms have taken shots on a "hostage" target at the range. It's great fun! And it has little in common with how you would take that shot in the real world!

The most important element in a hostage situation is you mindset. The next most important element is the psychology of the hostage-taker, which varies from case to case. The next most important element is your capabilities. And the list goes on…

CDG will teach you what you need to know to create the greatest odds of a successful outcome in this high intensity, super-emotional, situation. We will teach you what you MUST do. We will teach you what you must NEVER do. We will set up situations that will reveal to you what your practical limits are when lives are truly hanging in the balance, not merely when you're shooting on a range.

For more detailed information read the Hostage Rescue synopsis.

NOTE: One does NOT need to be an "expert marksman" to attend this course. The most important elements of this course are practical and psychological, not how you shoot. Come learn what you need to know to save lives, then go tune up your shooting skills, if necessary.

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