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Female Shooter's Workshop

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Course Description

Men and women are different. What makes an awesome experience for a man often times does not create the same response for a woman, especially if it deals with a "combat skill" such as shooting.

Women often learn differently than do men. Women need the information presented differently. Women will often do better if the atmosphere is different than what a man might appreciate. Bare bones "Do what I'm telling you" type instruction is often times not the right approach to help a woman understand the lesson and perform at her best.

At Combat Dynamics Group we are well aware of these differences. CDG's Founder and Senior Rangemaster has a background in teaching fun, successful, classes for woman who want to improve their shooting skills.

  • We understand that discussing a technique so that you have a full understanding of why it is important, and what the underlying goal is, is important to you and helps you do your best.
  • We know that you learn best when you're having a blast – so we make sure you're having a great time throughout the class.
  • We understand that sometimes the best thing to do is to sit out for 10 minutes, take a breather, and let go of any stress that you've put on yourself, so we encourage you to progress only as quickly as you can while still enjoying your learning experience.
  • We understand that when you're striving to do your best, the attitude of the instructional staff can make all the difference, so we hand pick the staff for their fun, upbeat, helpful style.
  • We understand that you can only achieve your best if you're given the best feedback and instruction possible, so our staff is also chosen for their depth of experience and their professional abilities.

When your done with CDG's Female Shooter's Workshop, we want those who see you shoot to say "Wow! I guess I need to shoot like a girl!"

For more detailed information read the Female Shooter's Workshop synopsis.

Prerequisite: To attend this course you must have completed at least one credible introductory firearms class. The curriculum presumes you understand the basics such as grip, stance, proper presentation from the holster, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, etc. You don't have to be great at all those because the purpose of the class is to improve your skills and abilities, but you should know what those terms mean and you have applied them (even if not as well as you'd have liked) in a previous course. CDG will be the sole arbiter of what is a "credible introductory firearms class".

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