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Buddy Tactics

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Course Description

Most firearms and tactics training is individual in nature. Even when you train with a friend or spouse, they are also trained to react as an individual just as you've been trained.

Why do military units train as a team? Because working as a team is FAR more effective at defeating your adversaries than each person fighting as an individual. And guess what? The same thing is true on Main Street, or your street, or in your home.

Buddy Tactics presumes you are with friends or loved ones when a potentially deadly conflict appears imminent. Although your "team" is small (2 or 3 people) you stand far greater odds of surviving the confrontation if you and your "buddy" react as a team, not as individuals. This means different roles for each person, not just two people both simultaneously doing what they were taught as individuals.

Buddy Tactics takes you out of the world of fighting as individuals and teaches you how teamwork will dramatically increase your odds – and the odds of those with you – of survival. Not only do we show you why teamwork is so critical in giving you a dramatic advantage over your opponent(s) but we teach you what those highly effective buddy tactics are!

Event Sypnosis

Scope: The purpose of this 3-­‐day Buddy Tactics event is to give people who are frequently in each other's company an opportunity to understand, practice, and apply the dynamics of operating as a small self-­‐contained defensive force in order to survive a potentially violent conflict. The vast majority of firearms/tactics training is focused on single operator. To a lesser extent a person can find "team tactics" courses. These courses are generally scaled for teams of 5 or more, and often focus on multiple teams operating in concert. Such a format does not address a smaller, less military oriented group, such a husband and wife, or a couple of guys hanging out together.

Examples of people who will benefit from Buddy Tactics training are:

  • Husband and Wife
  • Boyfriend and girlfriend
  • Father and son (of age)
  • Mother and daughter
  • You and a close friend with whom often you spend time
  • You and the couple of pals with whom you are often out of the town
  • Day 1

      The first day will be spent doing a lot of intensive shooting under close instruction of the staff. The goal is to get your marksmanship and speed both improving to maximum level that is possible for you. In the afternoon we will work shooting while moving drills to get you comfortable doing both at the same time. The range paradigm of shooting while standing in one place in a Weaver or Isosceles stance will not serve you well in a real fight for your life on the street.

  • Day 2

      The morning of day 2 will be spent shooting various scenarios, in 360-­‐ degree shooting bays, on static and reactive targets, both paper and steel. These scenarios will involve shooting in, from, and around buildings, as well as shooting in, from, and around vehicles. You will be using the "shooting on the move" skills you acquired/honed the day before. You will be problem solving in terms of distance, numbers, threat levels, and movement [where, when, and why]. THESE SCENARIOS WILL BE RUN WITH YOUR PARTNER(S)! YOU WILL EACH BE DOING SOMETHING. AND EACH OF YOU WILL BE CREATING PLANS AND IMPLIMENTING THEM DURING THIS TRAINING PROCESS! You need to learn how to plan, find out if those plans work (or don't), and become familiar and comfortable with each person's job when the shit hits the fan. The afternoon of day 2 will be spent on the martial arts mats learning the principles of physical defense. This will not be a martial arts class! We cannot teach you martial arts of any consequence in 4 hours. But we can teach you some pretty slick moves that rely on understanding simple principles, both physical and mental. Remember, the goal is to survive so you can enjoy the rest of your life! The average person can succeed at that simply by understanding certain dynamics. We'll teach them to you!

  • Day 3

      Day 3 will be spent exclusively training using "force-­‐on-­‐force" techniques. "Force-­‐on-­‐force" means you and your fellow students will be role-­‐playing while using special guns that fire only paint bullets, and applying what you've learned (or think you've learned!) against other thinking, moving, students. This is the ultimate learning experience! Does your plan work FOR YOU? Does each person understand his or her role in a given situation, and adhere to it? Can your adversary easily disrupt your well-­‐ thought out plan? Do you need to fight to survive? If not, why do it??? Must you shoot to save yourself or another? If so, how do you implement that solution against a thinking, breathing, moving, adversary? During day 3 our instructors will be taking you through real-­‐life scenarios. The staff and your fellow students will be critiquing each scenario and each persons conduct as everyone executes their response to a deadly threat under pressure. Short of actually being shot at, this is as real as it gets!


Punctuating all three days will be lectures by the staff that will prepare you to create and implement your plans as a "team", rather than as an individual, which is what virtually everyone's training has been. It requires an entirely different mindset!

Samples of subjects you'll be exposed to during lectures:

  • What if you're with a child when the threat approaches?
  • How to play "angles".
  • Can you shoot an unarmed adversary and sleep in your own bed that night?
  • Is it an actual threat, or does it just look like a threat?
  • When is your spouse an asset? When is your spouse a liability?
  • Having your back – literally!
  • How to shoot together -­‐ as a team -­‐ for maximum effect.
  • Multiple adversaries; how many of them can I shoot, and when?
  • Ambushing your aggressors!

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