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Buddy Tactic Rifle

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Course Description

This course will focus on two or three people – friends, spouse, children, etc. – who have a need to support one another with long guns in a potentially life-threatening confrontation.

This class will be completely different than the standard (handgun) Buddy Tactics course because we will be working at rifle distances and addressing the significant differences (good and bad) that fighting with a long gun brings to the table.

What remains the same is that we will focus on thinking and acting as a team, not merely as two or three individuals. A long gun is a devastating weapon in the hands of a trained rifleman. It is many times more devastating in the hands of a few people who understand how to function as a team.

For more detailed information read the Buddy Tactics (Rifle) synopsis.

Prerequisite: Applicants for this course must already know how to hit their targets and keep their guns running (i.e. reflexively clearing malfunctions). Based on information you provide on your course application, CDG will determine if you have the experience and skills to attend. If during the course we determine that you do not have the necessary skills, and your lack of skills does not match the information on your application, you will be removed from the course and no refund of the course cost will be provided.

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