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Armed Citizen Tactical Medicine

It is YOU who will save a life!

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Armed Citizen Tactical Medicine

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Course Description

Many people who train with a firearm for defensive purposes never stop to think – no less plan – on what might happen if they get shot, or a loved one gets shot, or an innocent bystander gets shot. Since our goal is to stay alive, and presumably not have other innocents die, this is a huge omission in most people's training!

What if you get hit? Where's your "trauma kit"? Precisely! You very likely won't have one with you. We're going to teach how to save your life, or the life of another, like MacGyver. MacGyver saved the world with a paperclip. Our goals are a bit less grandiose; we're going to show you how to save lives with whatever is on hand. (For those who are interested in carrying some sort of "blow out kit", large or small, we will also be addressing what to have in them, and how to apply those resources.)

Why do we call it "tactical medicine"? What if your hit, or someone else is hit (possibly someone you care about) but the fight is not over? How do you provide medical aid and still stay in the fight? Is it possible? If so, how? We'll answer these questions for you and you will apply the answers in life-like scenarios.

In many cases these days, and particularly in the event of an "active shooter" situation, law enforcement does not permit trained emergency medical personal onto the scene until they are certain that there is no longer any threat. How long will that take? Who knows? What we do know is that in that eventuality you are the person who will have to save lives!

Surviving a gunfight isn't limited to "winning" the exchange of gunfire. You may kill him and find that your child or spouse took a round from his gun. If you want everyone to go home at the end of the day, this course is a must for you!

For more detailed information read the Armed Citizen Tactical Medicine synopsis.

NOTE: Participants must have safe gun-handling skills to attend this course.

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